Core Values

We believe all girls have a natural curiosity and interest in STEM skills. This interest is lost at a young age due to gender bias, lack of female role models and mentors, and peer pressure. Most STEM-based programs are not introduced until middle school years, and studies show interest for both genders disappears by 8th grade. Our core values confirm our commitment to close the gender gap through empowering young women.


No girl should find barriers—gender, social, racial, or economic—to pursue their interests in Aerospace engineering. We are committed to providing girls with opportunities that shrinks these gaps in access to opportunities and support in this field.  


Education builds brave women. Through the early education of parents, educators, and young girls, the gender gap grows smaller. We provide young women and girls with tools such as role models, science knowledge, and skills to advocate for themselves in a field dominated by gender bias.


Girls are naturally curious. To build a stronger generation, girls need to be exposed to STEM at a younger age.


A girl observed the world around her and noticed there was a problem—the gender gap in STEM fields such as Aerospace Engineering. She brainstormed ways to solve the problem and then designed ways that the issue can be resolved. This is the beginning story of the Girls Rock-et, and the core process engineers use to solve the world’s problems. Growth springs from discovery. Girls discover their interests can align with a career in Aerospace engineering. Parents and educators discover an awareness of the need for more skilled women in STEM fields, especially Aerospace Engineering.


We believe educating girls today empower future generations. As more women rise to the top in their careers, role models emerge for girls to build confidence that they, too, can succeed in STEM. These girls provide hope that will shape the world into a better place.


Communication and collaboration are fundamental building blocks for any organization. We’re all working together toward a shared vision. We are committed to respecting and celebrating one another’s different backgrounds and experiences, knowing these will help impact our future.